How Hootsuite and Pinterest are addressing COVID’s secondary crisis


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As Canadian business leaders re-evaluate what success means in the post-COVID era, many have taken note of the secondary crisis lurking in the pandemic’s wake.





左上摄影-Hootsuite Instagram -27Earlier this month, it unveiled its new Vancouver headquarters – the first of a network of global offices to be turned into creative hubs (called “nests”) designed to foster collaboration and social connection, with a special focus on inclusivity and health and wellness.

The new HQ, whose design was reviewed by a DEI consultant, is equipped with dimmable lighting in meeting rooms to accommodate for light sensitivity, exercise bikes, sit-stand desks and a “wellness room” – a multipurpose calming room that can be used for nursing mothers and people who need a quiet place to relax, meditate or pray.

该公司的首席人物和多样性官员塔拉·阿塔亚(Tara Ataya)说:“新的办公空间代表了一个旨在创新,灵活性和选择的环境。

Hootsuite的Creative Hubs是其在大流行期间开发的新分布式劳动力策略的核心部分,在该战略中,员工可以选择在家,办公室或两者兼而有之。阿塔亚(Ataya)表示,该策略使它“吸引来自我们可能没有机会做的不同地区的人才”。

The shift has had a direct impact on Hootsuite leadership. At the moment, 60% of the company’s senior executive team is based in different markets across the U.S., including CEO Tom Keiser (San Francisco), CFO Tiziana Figliolia (Boston), CRO Melissa Murray Bailey (New York) and CMO Maggie Lower – who washired in July目前位于芝加哥,但很快将搬到温哥华。

“Joining the team wouldn’t have been an option if it weren’t for the distributed workforce strategy,” says the CMO. “It has allowed a tremendous amount of growth as we attract new talent in different regions globally, where we didn’t have offices before, and enabled me to work with my marketing team and exec team who are stationed all over the world in an innovative and collaborative way.”

Upper Left Photography - Hootsuite Instagram-2In addition to its new workforce strategy, in July, Hootsuite joined tech players like Bumble and Twitter in giving its entire workforce extra time off to help boost mental health. Its inaugural Wellness Week gave employees a full week to unplug knowing they wouldn’t be missing anything or needing to play catch up, says Ataya.

Overall, employees felt more relaxed and at ease during their shared hiatus, and they returned to work feeling more energized, she says. “The overwhelmingly positive response is indicative of the impact and importance that taking time off has on our people.”

That response led Hootsuite to announce this month that it will bring Wellness Week back in 2022.


但这并不是唯一反​​映新现实的公司。总部位于旧金山的Pinterest是另一个,并且在加拿大国家经理Erin Elofson(剩下), supporting employees has become a centerpiece of the platform’s brand.

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Beyond these external supports, the platform has brought back Pintention Days in March. First launched in May last year, the homegrown program promotes intentional self-care among employees. Each week, the company focused on a different topic, providing resources to help workers “take back their life and schedules.” And at the end of the month, the company took two days off to disconnect and reconnect.

Pinterest“When employees are feeling inspired, included and positive, their voices are amplified, and they’re able to generate many innovative policies and ideas that really differentiate Pinterest,” Elofson says.



除了能够吸引(和保持)p talent and boost productivity among overworked staff, making people feel comfortable creates a space for innovation and experimentation – ultimately benefiting companies’ bottom lines, notes Hootsuite’s Ataya.