Metro expands Uber Eats partnership

The grocery chain is offering ready-to-eat meals delivery from more stores as it grows its omnichannel options.

Metro is making the delivery of ready-to-eat meals available to more Quebec customers through its partnership with Uber Eats.

最初在秋天的三个商店,驾驶partnership is now being expanded to 23 stores in the Montreal area. Uber Eats’ users can use the app to place orders for ready-to-eat options ranging from sandwiches and salads to hot, family-sized meals, which will be delivered in under half an hour.

Gino Plevano, VP of digital strategy and online shopping at Metro, said the service is meeting growing customer demand for ready-to-eat options and satisfying those needs more conveniently and effectively.

The Uber Eats partnership is the latest effort by Metro to expand its omnichannel strategy. Last year, Metro began home grocery delivery across Quebec after a pilot phase. During an earnings call in January, Metro’s CEO Eric La Flèche said sales were “growing nicely” for delivery and the company had confidence in its model, adding it was planning to bring it to Ontario with a pilot it in the Greater Toronto Area this spring.

Metro is facing stiff competition on the omnichannel grocery front, with Loblaw expanding its delivery range through its partnership with Instacart, now available to more than half of Canadian households. Analysis from NDP Group says that although ecommerce offerings currently represent less than 10% of the overall grocery market, it has grown by an average rate of 20% annually over the last three years, and is expected to triple by 2022.